When something is made to measure, it shows.

Workforce management software

The same goes for bespoke workforce management software.

Even if you weren’t sure from a distance, the closer you move in, the clearer it becomes. The fit, the length, the choice of fabric, it all just…works. That’s the art of bespoke tailoring. A lot of skilled hard work and concentration for a result that seems, well, effortless. Too tight and it becomes very uncomfortable, leaving you little if any room to grow and restricting your natural movement, limiting you to a small selection of weird, truncated gestures and positions. Too big, of course and it doesn’t feel right, either. You trip over the baggy trousers, the waist won’t stay up and you rattle around inside feeling extremely self-conscious and, in all honesty, probably a little chilly. However good the quality may be, it looks messy, feels wrong and is anything but comfortable.

The perfect suit, or dress, is designed to give you all the freedom you need but simultaneously suit your shape.

The same is true for the perfect workforce management software. When it’s made to measure the needs of your company, the results speak for themselves.

Just as a one-size dress only really flatters a select few people, a one-size-fits-all software solution has its limitations when it comes to just how many of your company’s unique needs it can successfully meet.

WFM by Chronologic gets right to the heart of your business – your employees, by designing a system that equips your workers with the tools they need to feel happy and able to carry out their functions to the best of their abilities.

Firstly, we take time to listen carefully to what your business needs right now. We also look to the future, taking into account the vision you have for your business going forward, to see how we can help you meet those future goals. They system is completely scalable, meaning can grow with you.

Our software offers the convenience of a centralised data resource, along with a selection of functions, which includes:

Time and Attendance: Real-time info as to who is at work. Ensure your workers are where they are meant to be. Eliminate time theft and guarantee accurate payroll calculations.

Clocking System: Choose from biometric or RFID terminals, web or phone clock in.

Work Rotas: Set rotas months in advance, add overtime rules, shift patterns and pay rules. Make changes easily whenever you need to.

Employee Self-Service: Give workers greater autonomy to view their timesheets, schedules, request holidays, etc.

Absence Management: Keep accurate up-to-date records of planned and unplanned absence, late arrivals and holiday calendars.

Reporting: Create a range of reports at the click of a button, with invaluable insights into operational and employee data.

HR Management: All your most sensitive data in one secure location, including alerts, reminders when permits or certifications are approaching expiration and contracts.

As well as benefitting from a huge variety of tools that can all help you save valuable time, money and resources, WFM by Chronologic comes with tailored in-depth training and dedicated support from our friendly and professional team, who will guide you through the system to make sure you are comfortable with it.

For over 20 years, WFM has been helping businesses perform better. Get in touch for a no-obligation demo and find out how it can benefit yours.