Why Manufacturers need a Workforce Management System

Why Manufacturers need a Workforce Management System

Why does the manufacturing sector need a workforce management system?

Because manufacturers, more than any other business, need real-time, reliable information on employee time, attendance and schedules. As well as skills to proactively manage their workforce and cope with the current unpredictable climate.

As a result of the disruption caused by Covid 19 and Brexit. Many manufacturers have now recognised this need to reinforce their workforce processes, protect employees and minimise supply chain interruptions.

Now more than ever it is critical to be able to schedule personnel swiftly and flexibly in order to ensure that the right people with the right skills are in the right location at the right time.

Can a Workforce Management System help?

The good news is that whether you’re tracking employee time and attendance and scheduling with spreadsheets or already have a clocking system in place, Workforce Management Software can provide significant benefits for your workforce rapidly.

Workforce Management Software can help Manufacturers by:

  • Ensure your employees’ health and safety
    You can plan your workforce using Workforce Management software, and take into account health and safety needs, and compliance issues.

    Your system will also be able to inform you of who is working where and when. If a return-to-work interview is required and if a work certification (Fire Marshal, Forklift Driving, First Aid etc) will run out soon.

  • Labour planning and optimisation
    Employers must devise strategies to guarantee that their workforce is prepared for the unexpected world that awaits us as we go into the winter of 2021.

    To do so efficiently, you’ll need a good understanding of labour costs and productivity levels.

    This information will be provided by workforce management software, which allows you to plan and optimise staff deployment while keeping an eye on cost centres.

  • Managing the new workforce norms
    No matter how or where your workers work, a smart Workforce Management solution provides a fully automated way to record hours. These days you need to be able to track workers whenever they are and ensure managers have access to the information 24/7.

    With WFM by Chronologic, its simple to keep track of flexi balances, hours in lieu, and absences, whether they are booked or spontaneous.

    Employees can clock in on a PC, tablet, mobile device or clocking terminal. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and manual processes.

    Save time, eliminates errors, and cut down on administration.

  • Giving employees more control
    Employees can now effortlessly see their own attendance, scheduling, annual leave, absences, and personal details with Employee Self-Service Solutions and Apps.

    This, in turn, decreases employee queries, calls, and emails to line managers, HR, and Payroll departments, improving employee happiness, engagement, and retention.

How WFM by Chronologic can benefit manufacturers:

  • Reduce the number of errors.
    Human error is rife in spreadsheets, manual time clocks, and paper timesheets.

    Automation of workforce management operations reduces the likelihood of errors.

    Employee productivity and corporate revenue can both benefit from accurate timekeeping.

  • Boost productivity.
    HR and payroll specialists are already coping with workloads that are unheard of.

    By lowering payroll processing time and simplifying labour-management operations, automated workforce-management features can reduce administrative burdens.

    HR professionals can focus on the larger picture if these time-consuming responsibilities are reduced.

  • Stop disruption through virus spread
    Touchless clocking management systems lower the risk of viruses spreading.

    Workforce management automation allows for the tracking and recording of temperature checks and ensures that temperature levels are met.

    This is not helpful for just COVID measures, but flu season and illness in general.

To find out more about why manufacturers need a Workforce Management System, or how we can help your manufacturing business, get in touch or request a Demo.