Why use Biometric Authentication to clock your employees?

Why use Biometric Authentication to clock your employees?

It might sound futuristic to be tracking employees time using their unique physical characteristics, but the biometric industry is booming (it’s a global market expected to top $50 billion by 2024) and considered to be one of the most accurate ways to verify your users.

How Does Biometric Authentication Work?

In the simplest form possible, biometric authentication is when a system attempts to recognise a living person based on previously recorded unique information.

When authenticating the request, a system simply compares the requester’s biometric individual data with the information stored.

How does it store your biometric data?

If you think the system stores images of your data, you are wrong. For security and privacy reasons, a biometric clocking terminal will collect, break down and then store your data in an arrangement that only it can understand.

Data decoded could include iris and retina details, hand shape, vein variance, face structure and more.

Take a fingerprint e.g., a biometric fingerprint scanner would measure around 30 areas of a fingerprint, scanning for details like pores and ridges.

Once scanned, the software will translate this image into data points, run it through an encrypting algorithm and store it under the user’s unique profile.

Why should you use the tech…

It’s secure, safe and will help stop time theft across your business.

For cost-saving reasons, biometric clocking will also more accurately clock your employee hours than traditional methods and will give you peace of mind that employees are physically on-site when they clock.

For HSE reasons, biometric clocking can also easily be made contactless, through facial recognition scanners.

Our biometric clocking options:

WFM by Chronologic offers a host of clocking options, all of which can be used in a ‘mix and match’ approach, so that employees are never caught out.

As well as web, phone and RFID clocking, WFM offers biometric terminal options such as: