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Planning employee shifts can be the bane of a manager's life. It might sound overly dramatic, but juggling the task of meeting employee and, most importantly, business needs can seem impossible. ​

Dealing with multiple shifts, variable workers, swapped shifts, compliance issues, sickness, holiday and more can make it feel like you're never on top of who's in work. ​

And if you're having to do this all on a spreadsheet (or even worse a physical paper calendar), then you deserve a medal.

Rotas are very simple to manage in the system and it is able to cope with many different working patterns.

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Work Rotas

Why do you need to digitise your work rotas?

A work rotas core functionality is to help you make sure you have the right people, in the right place, at the right time. ​

If you know the who, when, why, you have a base to make sure this happens. A time and attendance system can simply track hours if that's all you need, but with a work rota telling the system what needs to happen, time and attendance software can track and report on exceptions, labour costs and so much more. ​​

Our rota functionality enables you to ditch time-consuming spreadsheets and plan your workforce in the way that you need. It's all done through our easy-to-use system in a few clicks, and rotas can be made years in advance if you know the hours you need are constant. ​

Best of all, if you did need to change your rota, for whatever reason, changes can be made in just a few clicks, and the system will automatically flag employees who are unavailable to fill shift slots.​

WFM by Chronologic has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible, giving you the critical information you need in a readable and exportable way.​

Can my business use the work rota tool?​

Of course! Because we know not every business is the same, our rotas are suitable for all organisations, no matter what type of work pattern you use.

Predictable work patterns

  • Set-up once, get on with managing your team
  • Perfect for companies with fixed, continental, rotating, off-set, part-time, and a range of shift types where employees work a predictable pattern.
  • Easy to create and can be set to roll forwards with little or no intervention.

Variable working

  • Create flexible Rotas quickly (drag and drop) – amend on the fly or as you need to.
  • Brilliant for businesses who's working patterns are driven by changes in demand or production - get the right staff on the shift to meet targets and ensure compliance.
  • Apply a budget to the hours, and gross cost, to help Managers focus when scheduling staff.

You can also mix your variable and fixed working schedules as you need to. Allocate cover for Absent Employees in a few clicks and monitor minimum staffing levels, it's all simple, fast and designed to make your staff planning easier and more effective.

Operational benefits:

  • Know who's available, optimise your teams time, ensure compliance
  • Confidently plan knowing which employees are available and which are absent
  • Easily control minimum staffing requirements
  • Comply with first aid, fire and HSE staffing minimums

Admin benefits:

  • Plan staff against your budget and take control of production costs
  • Easily manage demand-based changes or staff absence
  • Report variances of costs to planned

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