Work Rotas

Simple tools to optimise your workforce planning

Plan, prepare, optimise with Work Rotas

Work rotas help you make sure you have the right people in the right place at the right time. This might seem like a simple task, but for many businesses with multiple shifts, variable workers, and holiday absence to control, keeping up with vital rota planning can becoming a full-time task.

Have this planning in place is important, as without knowing who needs to be on-site and working, you can't track your attendance.

Our rota functionality enables you to ditch time-consuming spreadsheets and plan your workforce in the way that you need, in advance. Because we know not every business is the same, our rotas are suitable for organisations with:

Saturday rotas are very simple to manage in the system and it is able to cope with many different working patterns.

Work rotas Work Rotas
Kate Barnett
Administration Manager
C L Jones

Predictable work patterns

Set-up once, get on with managing your team
Perfect for companies with a 9-5 or set shift staff

Variable working

Create flexible work rotas quickly
More suitable for businesses with rotating staff, changing workforce and more

Operational benefits:

  • Know who's available, optimise your teams time, ensure compliance
  • Confidently plan knowing which employees are available and which are absent
  • Easily control minimum staffing requirements
  • Comply with first aid, fire and HSE staffing minimums

Admin benefits:

  • Plan staff against your budget and take control of production costs
  • Easily manage demand-based changes or staff absence
  • Report variances of costs to planned