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Automate your workforce daily changes

Set work rules easily and automatically​

One of the most time-consuming aspects of payroll and attendance management is the application of work rules to hours accrued. ​
Every time your employee works overtime, is late, works a different shift with new pay rates or take a sick day - there are rules you need to apply to ensure you're not over or underpaying your employee.​

To minimise the time and frustration of doing this every month or pay period, you need to automate your rules.​

A WFM by Chronologic system will allow you to do just that - set your rules easily and automatically apply them to your employees working data.

The flexibility of the time and attendance rules for the tracking of the many different start and
end times and the ease with which the rota can be programmed saves us time.

Work Rules Work Rules
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Work rules

Before WFM - Managers manually applied rules to payroll

Work rules

After WFM - rules automatically applied in real-time, ready for sign off

You can create rules for:​

Overtime | Shift Premiums, Cost Centres, Bonuses, Breaks | Lateness, Roundings and Grace | Time Off In Lieu | Flexitime | Exceptions/Absence​

All rules can be easily created and will report accurate hours ready for payroll, potentially saving many hours of manual review, checking, and amendment.​

Rules enable you to approve hours quickly and efficiently, have accurate data ready for fast payroll upload, and eliminate detailed checking of spreadsheets.​

Operational benefits:

  • Minimise hours of key management and finance team time preparing payroll and release staff for more productive activities
  • Optimise payroll costs and maximise the bottom line

Admin benefits:

  • Automate the calculation of worked hours to payroll - simple, efficient, accurate
  • Support flexible work arrangements, define the rules appropriate to your business

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