Workforce Management Software ROI x12!

Workforce Management Software ROI x12!

Report from Nucleus Research quantifies benefits of workforce management systems

A recent report from Nucleus Research has claimed workforce management (WFM) system implementations pay back an average of over twelve times per unit, with an average payback period of five months!

The full report, which is available here, outlined the key benefits of WFM deployments for businesses, including:

  • Labour optimisation reduce total payroll spend by more than 5% on average.
  • Schedule digitisation – Digital scheduling can reduce time by an average of 75%.
  • Reduce Employee Turnover – Recruit and retain better-targeted employees and provide a greater level of employer service.
  • Self-Service Employees can request holidays online, as opposed to filling out paper forms and calendars saving the manager time per week.

The report also discussed that due to the downturn in the economy (because of the ongoing pandemic), businesses are being required to do more with less.

This more with less attitude relates to product turnover, productivity and staff – and many top companies have had redundancies and hiring freezes.

For employees to get more done with fewer pairs of hands however, organisations need to invest in optimisation tools such as a WFM system, to help expand productivity.

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