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Workforce management tool

Work smart with a workforce management tool. Stop opening your business up to human error and start allowing automation to take over the simple day-to-day admin tasks.
WFM tools offer the technology you need to solve the critical business problems you face today and lay the foundation for future success.

What are Workforce Management Tools?

Workforce Management tools, Workforce Management systems, or WFM software – whatever you want to call the solution – it’s here to help you optimise your employee management and get the most value from your labour.

Usually, the tools involve functionality such as time and attendance, holiday management, scheduling, reporting, HR help, and more.

Because the options for what a workforce system can include is so vast, pinning down what the standard tools a workplace needs can seem impossible.

For WFM by Chronologic, we offer a host of workforce tools as standard and enable you to only pay for what you use thanks to our core and add-on functionality.

Examples of tools to help your business:

  • Employee scheduling – WFM’s scheduling feature allows businesses to easily create staffing Rotas depending on variables such as vacations, availability, and absences. Staff scheduling used to be done by hand, this was time-consuming, and frequently left organisations understaffed in times of essential need.
  • Time and Attendance – tracking time and attendance reveals attendance patterns and helps businesses better estimate demand and labour costs. By analysing your data you can improve payroll accuracy, and stop absenteeism and tardiness concerns.
  • Payroll and administration – WFM automates payroll data and some administration, saving time and money. The availability of audit ready bespoke reports speeds up and simplifies payroll operations and queries. Instant payment rules, such as TOIL and overtime are instantly reflected on timesheets that sync to payroll.
  • Vacation and leave – Companies can track staffing numbers and digitally handle time-off requests and approvals using WFM tools and processes. Easily track leave balances, paid time off (PTO), schedule conflicts, and more.

WFM system - help your business

How can you get the most from WFM software?

Remember long-term. Is the vendor part of your business’ roadmap for long-term success, or will they do for now?

You may not have the time or budget to tackle everything you ultimately want now, however, it’s wise to think about future challenges so you don’t get stuck with a solution that might not meet the needs of your business in the future.

WFM tool ROI:

If you’d like to find out the ROI expectations of a workforce management system, check out the Nucleus Research Report, which quantifies the benefits of WFM software.

Highlights of the report include the fact that system implementations pay back an average of over twelve times per unit.

To find out more about how we can help your business with our workforce management tool, get in touch today or request a Demo.