Workforce Management – Work Rotas

Work Rotas WFM

The purpose of a workforce management system is to optimise your workforce. You could have different ideas of what that optimisation involves, but ensuring your staff are working to the best of their ability is a massive part of that.

So how can you make sure employees are working in the right way and at the right time? Work Rotas.

Work Rotas might seem like basic functionality, but for many business systems, being able to cope with multiple shifts, variable workers, and holiday absence, can be too much.

WFM by Chronologic knows that you need ALL the information available to your business to create Work Rotas successfully. This information includes time off requests, HSE documentation, production staffing level needs and more.

Work Rota benefits:

  • Know who’s available, optimise your teams time and ensure compliance
  • Easily control minimum staffing requirements
  • Comply with first aid, fire and HSE staffing minimums

Plan, prepare, optimise

A considerable downfall for Work Rotas in the past has been the time it takes to create a workable version. Businesses often have Admin or HR staff spend days a month checking, amending, and creating Rotas.

Get the right people in the right place at the right time

Our Work Rota functionality enables you to plan your workforce in advance in a simplistic and streamlined way.

Whether you have predictable or variable working patterns, our software helps you ensure the correct number of workers are on hand to keep production running smoothly.

Simply set out what you need from your shifts, click the employees who fit your needs and start creating schedules.