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Why use Workforce Management Software?

WFM by Chronologic offers an all-in-one workforce management system designed to enable employee time tracking, cost centre reporting, work rotas and more.

Every system purchased is purpose-built to help you drive your business outcomes within your industry. Our aim is always to save you time, money and resources, which is why WFM allows your team to optimise your workforce at the click of a button.

Based on your priorities, together, we can build a workforce management system< guaranteed to improve your organisations workforce optimisation, cut time on payroll, and a host of other business-critical benefits. Don't just take our word for it, research conducted by has stated that businesses will see cost savings of 6-10% in under 12 months on average. Additional ROI benefits included 60% of companies reporting an increase in administrative efficiency, and nearly 40% seeing a decrease in absenteeism.

We would recommend Chronologic to others because they listened to exactly what we needed and also offered us the best-case solution for our business.

Workforce Management Workforce Management
Operations Manager

We've saved approximately 4 – 6 hours in admin a week by removing Excel based overtime summary sheets alone.

IT Manager

Want to save time and money, but not sure what you're looking for?

Our Workforce Management System:

WFM by Chronologic offers an all-in-one core solution with additional functionality that can be built on as needed. We've designed our business software this way so that you can get the most from our system from day one. WFM is also completely scalable, and we can grow your system with you as a business.

WFM Core:

Somethings just go together. Bread and jam. Rhubarb and custard. Time and Attendance, Reporting and HR Management.

A Time and Attendance system gathers clocking data automatically, but many systems won't let you see this timecard data as a report. Our Rota tool will help you schedule working hours with minimal fuss, but without HR Management, you will have to manually check holiday dates, leaving potential gaps in your workforce. You see, one without the other, doesn't make sense.

Our core product has been designed by workforce management experts to avoid scenarios such as these. We understand what functionality businesses need to thrive.

Time and Attendance

Our Time and Attendance software will help you simplify complicated shift patterns and track your employees' hours worked. You can also easily manage unplanned absences, lateness, and no-shows.

You have all the tools you need including Work Rotas, Payroll Reporting, Absence Management, Clocking Systems, Work Rules, Time Off in Lieu, and Flexitime.

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Each working day your workforce management system automatically gathers a wealth of employee data. This data can then be used to create real-time reports that you can access in a couple of clicks.

Operational reports and business-specific reports include Rota Variants, Customised Payroll Reporting, Absence, Fire Roll Call, Lateness and more.

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HR Management

Everything you need to support HR and Health and Safety data, documentation and reporting functions in your business. Store and find employee information and documents quickly, with access only for those who need it, and protected from those who don't.

Boost efficiency, manage contacts¸ records, key data and other information all in one easily manageable place.

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Additional Workforce Management System Functionality:

We don't believe in charging customers for something they don't use, which is why we offer a pick'n'mix system, as well as a range of clocking options.

Whether you want your employees to have more control, your managers to be able to work remotely wherever, or a more automated service, we can add and remove additional functionality as called for. Our aim is always to listen to your needs and help solve your problems.

Online Access

In today's connected world, you never know when you'll need to check on your workforce.

With Online Access, you get peace of mind that wherever you are, and at whatever time, you can review your labour costs, plan staff, view timesheets and much more.

It's the full WFM by Chronologic suite of functionality at your fingertips.

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Employee Self-Service

Enable authorised employees to access and manage a host of information and processes themselves, therefore saving your management time and hassle.
Self-Service functionality includes:

Planning and requesting holiday, clocking remotely, reviewing their timesheets & viewing rotas.

Self-service stops unnecessary payroll inquires.

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Save your managers time on paperwork and processes with Workflow. Our Workflow functionality enables your management to focus on what's important, knowing they will be alerted if something needs their attention.

You can set automated alerts and reports on a host of parameters, including when employees are absent, work overtime, request holidays, when their work-related licenses or certificates are about to expire, and more.

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