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Why Manufacturers need a Workforce Management System

Why Manufacturers need a Workforce Management System

Why does the manufacturing sector need a workforce management system? Because manufacturers, more than any other business, need real-time, reliable […]

Workforce management tool

Workforce Management Tool – Get WFM smart

Work smart with a workforce management tool. Stop opening your business up to human error and start allowing automation to […]

Workforce Management Software ROI x12!

Workforce Management Software ROI x12!

Report from Nucleus Research quantifies benefits of workforce management systems A recent report from Nucleus Research has claimed workforce management […]

Automated Fire Roll-Call

Automated Fire Roll-Call

No matter how big or small your company is, having a secure, reliable automated fire roll-call process is important. Knowing […]

Do RFID Proximity Readers Work

Do RFID Proximity Readers Work

When looking for the best way to clock your employees, whether RFID, Biometric or smartphone, it’s understandable to look at […]

Health and Safety with WFM

Health and Safety with WFM

With the deadline to ‘return to the office’ fast approaching for more businesses across the UK, Health and Safety is […]

What can a Workforce Management system do for you?

What can a Workforce Management system do for you?

What can a Workforce Management system do for you? The question should be what it can’t. We often talk about […]

Remote Team Tech Tick List

Remote Team Tech Tick List

A recent survey from Buffer found that 98% of surveyed workers “want to work remotely at least some of the […]

How will your Post-Pandemic Workplace look?

How will your Post-Pandemic Workplace look?

In this article, we will examine possible post-pandemic workforce models, what they could be and what Workforce Management functionality you […]

Steps to a strong Workforce Management System implementation

Steps to a strong Workforce Management System implementation

You’ve decided you want to invest in a workforce management system, chose the software you think is the best for […]

Three Benefits of Using Workforce Management Software

Three Benefits of Using Workforce Management Software

We’re taking a really deep breath, as cutting it down to only THREE benefits of using workforce management software is […]

Time and Attendance Plus

Time and Attendance Plus

Why you need a workforce management system and not just standard time and attendance software Whatever business software you are […]

Ensuring Workforce Management Knowledge Transfer

Ensuring Workforce Management Knowledge Transfer

How to train new employees on your system? Knowledge transfer is a problem we hear time and time again from […]

keep your workforce management data secure

How to keep your Workforce Management Data secure

When setting up and running any workforce management system, you will input a host of data – after all, centralising […]

do you need to upgrade your WFM technology

Do you need to upgrade your workforce management technology?

When purchasing a Workforce Management system, chances are you went in with a list of needs or issues. Your provider […]

Need a workforce management system

Do Food Processing Businesses need a Workforce Management System?

The food processing business can span a wide range of techniques, types and sizes. One thing however stays relevant – […]

reduce your Labour Costs

How to reduce your Labour Costs in 2021

If labour costs can account for as much as 70% of total business costs, letting overpayment, human errors or general […]

Why use Biometric Authentication to clock your employees?

Why use Biometric Authentication to clock your employees?

It might sound futuristic to be tracking employees time using their unique physical characteristics, but the biometric industry is booming […]

Time off in lieu TOIL

TOIL – What is it and how can it help your business?

When an employee works pre-approved over time and is paid back with time off, instead of money, it is called […]

PPE - What do you have to provide

PPE – What do you have to provide?

With the new roadmap set for easing Coronavirus restrictions, many employers will be looking to move their employees back into […]

WFM can help ensure break compliance

How WFM Can Help Ensure Break Compliance

When you have a busy workforce with multiple shifts, ensuring your employees take their regulated breaks can be a full-time […]

help with temporary employees

How Can WFM Help With Temporary Employees?

Every business has peak times and quieter times. This isn’t a reflection on success, but the result of several factors, […]

Cristian Newman

How Can Care Homes Protect Themselves Post Pandemic?

It’s no secret that care homes have been badly affected and hit by the Coronavirus pandemic. Since April 2020, when […]

Hotel quarantine

Best Western Plus Hotel Turned Quarantine Facility?

With London hospitals facing unprecedented demand due to Coronavirus, the Best Western Plus Hotel in Croydon has turned its facilities […]

Biometric temperature scanner

Biometric Temperature Scanner

WFM by Chronologic is always looking for the next best tool to help you optimise your workforce. In 2020 and […]

Long Term WFH Management

Long Term WFH Management

How can a Workforce Management System help from home? Thanks to the recent lockdown announcement and realisation of the vaccine […]

Trends for WFM in 2021

Trends for WFM in 2021

As we head into 2021, we believe it’s only right for the WFM team to use their Workforce Management system […]

Positively Impacted Employees

How WFM Positively Impacted Employees during COVID-19

As we come to the end of 2020, and our 20th year in the WFM sector, it’s important for us […]

What you need in a WFM system

What you need in a WFM system

We understand that every business is different, which is why what you need in a WFM system will be unique […]

Covid WFM by Chronologic

Making your Workforce Management System work for you during Covid

2020 has been a year of ups and downs for most organisations to say the least. With the recent tier […]

Get the Most from your WFM system

Get the Most from your WFM system

Making sure you get the most from your WFM (Workforce Management) system takes time. Not only do you need to […]

HR Management

HR Management

Workforce Management is more than just finding out who is late or on time. It’s about optimising the way you […]

Choosing WFM experts

Top-tips for choosing WFM software – from experts!

We’ve gathered our most experienced Workforce Management (WFM) minds, to give you their top-tips for choosing WFM software. When investing […]

Workforce Management Reporting

Reporting on your Workforce

WFM by Chronologic is an all-in-one system that enables you to optimise your workforce through time and attendance, HR management, […]

WFM Self-Service

Self Service Workforce Management?

Recognising you need a Workforce Management system to help optimise your workforce is only half the battle. The other half […]

WFM Christmas Holiday

Holiday requests at Christmas

I know it’s only October, but with the C word (Christmas) just around the corner, now is the time to […]

Work Rotas WFM

Workforce Management – Work Rotas

The purpose of a workforce management system is to optimise your workforce. You could have different ideas of what that […]

RFID system

WFM clocking options

Workforce Management Clocking Options Without data, a workforce management system can’t run. WFM by Chronologic uses the clocking data of […]

WFM Functionality

All in one vs specialised WFM

All in one Workforce Management VS specialised software? You know you need help optimising your workforce, you have a list […]

WFM by Chronologic training

Workforce Management training

You’ve decided which workforce management system is the best for your business. Worked through contracts, sign-off, implementation, and more. The […]

Meet the team - Simon

Meet the team – Simon

To make sure that you get to know the team behind our WFM system, we’ve interviewed them all, so you […]

Work culture

WFM and work culture

Workforce Management and Work Culture Workforce Management systems are made to optimise your workforce and work culture. WFM helps ensure […]

The Bradford factor

The Bradford factor

What is the Bradford Factor? The Bradford Factor is a formula that allows businesses to implement an acceptability scale to […]

WFM by Chronologic launch

New beginnings – WFM by Chronologic launch

What’s in a name? WFM by Chronologic – formally Chronologic Workforce Management System (CWFMS) – is the new name for […]

HR management software

HR management software

No HR department? No problem Not everyone has the resources of a huge team of HR staff. Managers and supervisors […]

Key benefits of a Workforce Management System

Key benefits of a Workforce Management System

Why should you invest in WFM? Organisations rely on their workforce to manage, execute, and deliver against their customers’ expectations. […]

workforce management system

Successfully implementing a workforce management system

Setting a high standard from the get go The key to a successful business is making the most of your […]

Do's and Dont's of workforce management

Workforce management do’s dont’s

How best to treat you staff to increase productivity Being a manager isn’t always easy. Not only do you have […]

Calculating holiday pay

Calculating holiday pay

Automate your holiday pay and save time When it comes to calculating holiday pay for your staff, you can find […]

Chronologic Workforce Management - flexible working

Benefits of flexible working for businesses

Does flexible working improve productivity? From work-life balance, to shift work, to caring responsibilities, there’s never been a greater focus […]